October 31, 2014 issue

WHS receives check for robotics program



Oregon State Senator Betsy Johnson and representatives from the Verizon Wireless Foundation presented a check for $11,153 to the Warrenton High School STEM Underwater Robotics Program on October 15. The funds will be used for an engineering course where students will design and build remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs). Students will program an ROV to stimulate a mission to a sunken ship and use the underwater robot to assess the water quality of local estuaries in conjunction with Warrenton High School’s fish hatchery program.



Mystery Photo Contest

We haven’t had a Mystery Photo Contest in quite awhile so here’s one for Halloween. The first person to identify all four people dressed up for Halloween in the photo will win a six-month subscription to the Columbia Press or a six-month extension of a current subscription. We will award one prize for the first caller who can identify the people in our printed newspaper and one prize for the first person who guesses the correct names after seeing the photo on our Facebook page. Call 503-861-3331 with your guess. Hint: This photo was taken in 1991. Note: The animal (wolf) in the photo is not a real person.

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